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Step by step guide: Testing without requirements/ little requirements

 If you haven't already, you may one day find yourself in a project where there are no (explicit) requirements or very little requirements to go off.  Software can be created from conversations and assumptions. People may also assume that the little requirements they do write is enough to easily code against or test off, but then you later realise that the few lines that have been written actually pose more questions than provide answers. You first time testing on a project without requirements can be a bit scary but I'm hoping this step by step guide will help you. 1. Understand the difference between implicit requirements and explicit requirements There are ALWAYS implicit requirements. But there aren't always explicit requirements. An implicit requirement is a requirement on the SUT (Software Under Test) that is not explicitly stated somewhere (e.g. in documentation) An explicit requirement is a requirement on the SUT that is explicitly stated. Some potential examples: I

3 Things I've learned: Adjusting to my changed identity as a (paid) working mother

As I write this my daughter is having a nap, and I'm trying to enjoy my first day of vacation. Keeping a baby/toddler entertained without just turning on the TV is a struggle (we've made an exception for cutting her nails, she can watch a cartoon then). I'll openly say that before we had our daughter I never realised how much of a struggle it is to achieve a balance that feels like a balance. And now I understand what the parents were going on about when they said they went to work to rest. I'm also rather grateful that my husband is now on paternity leave, we're walking a mile in each other's shoes. I can see how difficult it can be to focus on work sometimes with a baby/toddler in the background and he can see how difficult it is to entertain a baby/toddler all day every day. I never realised how much less free-time I would have, and that's just with one child! We don't have any family support; no parents to take our daughter for a few hours. It's