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4 Testing Tips for Beginners

New to testing? In your first year as a software testing? Here are 4 useful testing tips for beginners. 1. Explicitly State your Assumptions Before I start testing (and ideally before the developers start coding), I like to go through the requirements/acceptance criteria/user stories, then write testing notes on my assumptions. That is, based on what I have read, what am I assuming? Not all of the expected behaviour of the application/feature will ever be explicitly stated, a lot of expected behaviour is implied - therefore it's useful to state your assumptions and then either tag the developers/ business analyst in your comments or share your thoughts with them face to face. While doing this, I also like to state how I would test the application/feature, based off my assumptions - this doesn't have to be written test cases, but more like test ideas; this is followed by the sort of behaviour I would expect for each test idea. (This isn't a promise to the develope

Lessons Learnt: Testing in a changing context

As a tester, I do my best to follow the principles of Context Driven Testing.  But embarrassingly enough, only up until recently, did I realise that context can change, while you are working in a team - so anything you put in place at the start of your time in a team, might not be the best thing for everyone 6 months later, or 12 months later. I'd like to share some things I've learned about testing in a changing context - but first let me describe my initial context and how it changed over the course of roughly 14-15 months. Initial Context 2 main applications - fairly straightforward, not too many possible flows in either of them 3 Backend developers 4 Frontend developers No test automation set up initially 1 Product Analyst 1 Product Owner Designer, who was not part of our team 1 Scrummaster How the Context Changed 7 applications - a few of which had various possible user flows within it. 1 of these applications had many flows in it. 3 Backend dev