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Testbash Brighton 2019 Conference Day Part II of II

Part I is here Here are some of my key learnings on the last 3 talks I was able to attend at Testbash Brighton 2019 before I had to leave early to catch my flight back home. Gareth Waterhouse and Lindsay Strydom : Building Communities at Scale 2010:   12 QAS 1 location Around 5 teams "Where we're going, we don't need a community" Currently: They currently have around 120QAs (this number fluctuates due to contractors) 4 locations - 3 in the UK, 1 in India Different tech stacks/languages Around 70 dev teams Dealing with growth: Before, they would send meeting invites for 16:30 UK time, this was roughly 22:00 in India. Then they started having 2 clocks in the room, so they could consider time differences when scheduling meetings They faced challenges in scheduling meetups for the testing community: After Testbash 2018, Lindsay felt inspired. A few days away from the office gave her time to reflect about the current lack of a

Testbash Brighton 2019 Conference Day Part I of II

It's been an intense month in a my personal life and even more intense (exciting!) months to come. So before I get too busy, let's turn my notes (that can only be read by me), into a blog post! In early April this year, I had the honour of speaking at Testbash Essentials on the Wednesday. I also had the opportunity to attend the main Testbash Conference on the Friday and learn a lot from the speakers. Here are my notes on what I learned in the first few talks I was able to attend (I had to leave a bit early to make my flight back home). Lisi Hocke - Cross team Pair testing: Lessons of a testing traveller.  "Have you ever asked yourself, are you good enough?" Lisi didn't come from a technical background ---> she fell into testing.  She was mostly the lone tester at a company and didn't have a mentor. But now at her current company there are more testers. "I'm basically just managing my list, but not learning something." She