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Reflecting on leading a Testing Community of Practice Part II

For Part I go here Devoting time and effort - when I have it While I'm on my project my priority is as a tester in my scrum team. Therefore, I only devote time and effort when I have it. Some weeks I'm very busy in my team and barely give the CoP a second thought; other weeks I have more time to prepare a presentation or approach people to give presentations (or look up topics to see what people may find interesting to hear about from others). I really appreciate the flexibility. While there is an expectation that something happens regularly, it seems that definition of "regularly" has become roughly once a month. Merging the Test Automation COP and Testing COP The lead of the Test Automation COP pinged me on slack a few weeks ago to see what I thought about merging the two. I said I was all for it (after all I saw Test Automation as a part of testing; a way to approach testing - and so did he). We both posted messages in our slack channel saying we had th

Reflecting on leading a Testing Community of Practice Part I

For about 4-6 months, I have been leading the Testing Community of Practice at my current project. Before then there were 4 of us being co-leads (for 6 months ish) before I was approached to see if I wanted to drive it and be the lead. I said yes - and said I wanted to see if I was a good fit as a lead, if I had the energy/desire for it and if there was a need/desire for a Testing CoP in the first place. Finding out what people expected from this Community of Practice My first focus was to find out what people expected from a Community of Practice. I sent out some surveys to those already in the Testing slack channel, and had two discussion groups in our Malmö and Helsingborg offices. The hard part was I already had my opinions already on what it was and what it would involve, so when I was holding these discussions I had to watch what I say, and how I say things, in an effort to not affect people's opinions. The two main things people expected were to share information about