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An analogy to explain the limitations of test cases

I love analogies. They help me explain things in a way that (hopefully) others can understand and relate to. When I was thinking how can I try and explain the limitations of test cases (because knowing test cases aren't all they are cracked up to be, and explaining that to someone - are two different things) the first thing that came to mind is job interviews. We've all been on job interviews - it's an understandable concept and we can all relate. So here we go: First, let's agree that both testing and job interviews are information seeking activities. In testing, we are trying to find out information about the Software Under Test. In job interviews, the company is trying to seek information on the candidate (actually it goes both ways- the candidate is also trying to seek information on the company as well) Second, let's agree that in both examples you want to make an informed decision. In testing, you want to know if the software is ready to go live or