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Reminding myself about how one's experience shapes one's point of view

As I am helping introduce Exploratory Testing to our current project, there is one thing I've had to remind myself over and over and over again. One's experience shapes one's point of view. When having a discussion, or trying to convince someone of my point of view, I try to consciously remember this. If the people I am having a discussion with, have a different point of view to me, that doesn't necessarily mean I should jump to the conclusion that they are wrong and I am right (or vice versa). Based on our own experiences, chances are, we are both right in our own minds. Which means it's not up to me to try and figure out how to convince them that they are wrong and I am right BUT I need to figure out how to close the information gap. I love analogies so let me use an analogy to further explain what I mean: Working Remotely Analogy Let's say you want to have the option to work from home and are going to propose remote working in your team. You