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Developing your thoughts: Talking out loud

Now that I've started actively preparing for my "Testing so you can move on" talk at Testbash Belfast and Romanian Testing Conference , I've started to notice how my thought process is developing as a result of talking out loud. Bit of background first so you have an idea how I'm preparing: I'm focussing on getting my first draft done (almost there, just need to expand a bit more on one of my key points first) Then I'll start on the slides  I'll look into how the slides and talk "fit" each other Then I'll go back and forth between slides and talk aiming to reach a deliverable presentation ASAP After that, just refine until I deliver the presentation I'd like to share a little bit about my thought process and what I learn/gain from talking out loud when preparing to give talks at conferences or give speeches at Toastmasters .

Living in Sweden: Laundry rooms and apartments

Since I moved to Sweden in September 2015, I've had to learn to get used to a lot of different aspects of life. I'm in another country on the other side of the world from my native country after all. Aside from the obvious like the language difference, there are some aspects of Swedish life that I'm still getting used to. Here are two of them: Laundry rooms It seems to be very common to have to book laundry times. If you live in an apartment, chances are, you need to book laundry times each week. You share a laundry room with other people and book the room. This can be done in various ways, these include: Digitally (have heard of this, never done it) Writing your apartment number in the spreadsheet in the bulletin board Using your apartment peg and moving it to the time slot you want