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Protecting your time

Last night I attended a software testing meet-up   where Örjan  spoke about his experiences in Managing Quality in an Agile team . He raised a few interesting points from a management perspective - but it was one in particular that caught my attention: protecting time. In order to help his team achieve the tasks they planned in sprints, he would try and stop people hindering his team unnecessarily. He wanted to help make it easier for his team to work. And I get that. I've been on both sides of the equation - I've been the person trying to ask a developer questions only to be blocked by their dev team lead and I've also been the person who's been "protected" by their team lead so I can focus on my work and reach a deadline. From both perspectives I've been able to appreciate both the frustrations and the benefits of such an approach. But what interests me - is the different ways people go about protecting their time. Blocking off certain periods of