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Starting a Testing Meet-up - the first few steps

A few months ago I started a testing meet-up in Stockholm. There have only been two meet-ups so far - but I thought it'd be a good idea to share my experiences because: I hope to inspire others to start a testing meet-up in their local area (especially if there isn't an active one yet) If you have been to a testing meet-up, you may be curious as to what it's like "behind the scenes" A few things to keep in mind when you read this: I work remotely - so didn't really have a community or a network here in Stockholm I was a co-founder for a testing meet-up in Auckland  alongside Shirley Tricker , Erin Donnell and Jen Hurrell  and helped run that meet-up for just under two years. Why start a Testing Meet-up in Stockholm? There weren't any active testing meet-ups at the time (around mid March 2016). While there were a few testing Meet-up groups there hadn't been any Meet-ups for 6 months (according to - and I really wanted to

Interview with Maria Kedemo

Maria has worked in software development for 15 years with context driven testing as her main focus. She is passionate about learning and coaching and is currently teaching software testing at a 1.5 year vocational education in Sweden. Maria is active on Twitter ( and sporadically blogs ( ). She is also a mentor with Speak easy, a member of ISST and an international conference speaker. She is a bit of a foodie and enjoys lifting heavy things at the gym.  1. What have you learned from teaching software testing, that you plan to apply when you go back to consulting?  I have been able to dig into subjects of software testing which I have not really had the time to study and practice in depth before.  To be able to teach it has been necessary for me to better understand different test techniques such as user testing, domain testing and risk testing. Coming up with different practical exercises and how to actually teach and explain a concept or a tec