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BBST Foundations: Is it for me?

This blog post is not a promotion for the BBST Foundations course, but it  may seem like it - considering I'm very happy with how it went. This blog post, however, is an attempt to address any questions, that may be going through your head when considering this course. Note, these are solely my opinions. Feel free to challenge them where necessary. I'd love to hear where others stand on this.

My Experience with the Software Testing World Cup

Last Friday evening, two Assurity colleagues and I took part in the Software Testing World Cup It was tough - we only had three hours to test a system we knew nothing about called Social Text. We were testing a release that had not gone live yet and were asked something along the lines of "Is this release ready to be deployed?" (well that's what I heard anyway). Based on that, we decided to use the Information Objective Block Premature Product Release. Therefore, throughout testing we were asking ourselves - does this bug impact whether or not we would go live with this product?