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Interview with Aaron Hodder

Aaron Hodder  is an experienced and passionate context-driven tester. Before joining Assurity, Aaron worked at Metra Weather as a Test Analyst for the Weatherscape XT product, a weather graphics presentation system used by TV stations nationwide. Aaron is active in the testing community, having co-founded WeTest , attending the peer conference KWST  and presenting at STANZ on using Lean Visual methods to plan and report on testing activities. Aaron will be giving a presentation at CAST 2013 on Mind Maps - A practical, lean, visual tool for test planning and reporting

How your Judgement on the Quality of Airlines and Software can depend on your past experiences

Realistically, quality means different things to different people. It depends on the situation. And the context. But in  many cases, it cannot be denied if the product is of an extremely high quality. What one person judges as being of high quality, another may deem it has low quality. Meanwhile Quality can be dictated by a piece of paper which clearly defines it. So yes, I do believe that quality is both subjective and objective.