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A Weird Observation whilst Internet Banking

So, I'm currently in the USA. More specifically: Oregon. Beautiful state - I'm taking tonnes of photos. Only wish I had one of those fancy cameras so that the beauty of what I see, really does come across in an actual photo. Anywho. A weird thing seemed to happen when I was transferring money over by Internet Banking with BNZ and I'd be keen to hear from anyone who has experienced the same thing (or something similar) due to time differences between countries.

So how do new Test Case Ideas during execution, affect reporting?

Oh yeah, it's test execution time on my current project. Bow chika wow wow. Time to run test cases which I wrote a few weeks ago. Where else is this behaviour occurring? How does it affect other parts of the system? How have my expectations changed based on seeing how the system actually works? Is it normal for people to add test cases during test execution so that as ideas come to their head as the execute tests, the new test case ideas will be included in reporting? If 1. is the case, then what fraction/percentage of test cases ideas arise from actual test execution? Don't get me wrong, I make sure I do some exploratory testing to see what happens then record my findings/raise a defect if need be.  But then since these test case ideas aren't 'formally covered' in test cases it makes me wonder about reporting if they only look at defects and test cases run/passed. I started a discussion in Software Testing Club asking: What do you think

Playing PC Games as a Test Analyst: Part I Bioshock Infinite

So an activity I like to do in my free-time is play games on the computer. Truth be told, I do go through phases where sometimes I stay up 'til 2am, then later I won't play a single game for 3 months. But yes, I do enjoy it - and I recognise it as a fabulous form of escapism. Now, I just finished playing Bioshock Infinite. This was followed by about an hour of Google Searching what the hell the ending meant. I had to read the plot on Bioshock's wiki at least twice for anything to properly sink in.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary with Assurity to me Part I

My oh my does time fly! Today is my 1 year anniversary with Assurity as a Test Analyst and boy have I learned a LOT in my first year. I've been surrounded by some amazing, talented, supportive, on-to-it people at this company and grateful for the opportunity that has been provided. Anywho. Here's a quick run-down of what I learned.