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About Nicola


I'm Nicola Owen, a New Zealander living in Malmö, Sweden.

As a tester I’m constantly looking for ways to grow and learn; whether that be through taking courses, reading blogs or bouncing ideas off people I look up to in the field. I'm currently working on this Skill Development List, which includes not only goals around software testing but also around learning Swedish and Toastmasters.

If you want to find out more about me check out my LinkedIn Profile or follow me on Twitter.

This blog is an attempt to document my learning journey. As I write this blog, I'm sure that my opinions on testing will develop and change. I'm learning, exploring and seeing what's out there.

I'm keen to explore and understand new/different ideas about testing - feel free to reach out to me on deament @ gmail dot com

When I'm not testing you'll find me playing board games and running/gymming sporadically (still working on building that habit).

Past Talks and Workshops 

Bringing in change when you don't have a leadership title

What I wish I knew in my first year of testing

House of Test Conference - Malmö, Sweden - 26 May 2018
Reducing the feat of go-live

EuroSTAR 2016 - Stockholm, Sweden - Nov 1-3 2015
What I wish I knew in  my first year of Testing

Session Based Test Management - October 25-26 2016
I was the co-presenter of a 2 day workshop at Unity 
Nowhere to Hide: Adjusting to Being a Team’s Sole Tester
Here's the link where you can view my talk, note you need to sign up to The Dojo

Bug Advocacy: How to do a great job reporting and managing bugs

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